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How To Overcome Narcissistic Abuse: Reclaim Your Life & Transform

How to heal from abuse and toxic relationship dynamics to liberate yourself from karmic cycles and disempowerment at a soul level.

Well, babes. Now, that you've completed the first step of accepting that you were enmeshed in a toxic narcissist-empath dynamic, you can choose to choose yourself.

Step 1: Acceptance

Step 2: Radical Transformation


Step 2: Rise From The Ashes Like A Phoenix

Let's start with the bright side of the veil and ease our way into the darkness.


So. You're an empath with a sensitive and forgiving heart. You have an understanding and compassionate nature which radiates beauty into the world (and attracts the bugs).

You are needed and worthy.

Narcissists don't go after people who are like them or below them.

They are typically clout chasers, opportunists, and social climbers who will do anything to make themselves look good, most likely at the expense of your reputation, well-being, and feelings. Narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy typically overlap and go together. Being bound in a relationship with one of them is like living in the Bermuda Triangle of Misery.

... Is this ringing any bells, babes? ...

Moving on.

Let's continue to look at the silver lining. You are most likely beautiful, attractive, magnetic, charming, and magical. The narcissists want that. They want that energy—that nectar. The attention and public recognition are what they crave most.

They want to be seen with you outside but are completely different behind closed doors.

It's like Jekyll and Hyde, and you never know which end of the stick you'll get.

You feel like you're constantly on pins and needles, walking on eggshells - waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Stuck and locked in a constant state of paranoia, fear, and confusion.

That's where they want you.

Frozen in fear and shaking in trauma from the chaos they intentionally create in your life. Most likely, you'll be blamed for it.


So, zooming out. Big picture thinking: If your parents or authority figures were narcissists, in toxic marriages, and stuck in the karma of dysfunctional family dynamics, what do you think that does to a child? What impressions are left on the child in critical years of early development? What does that do to brain cognition and function?


Now, shifting into adult relationships and romances, humans are primed to attract others and lovers who mirror aspects of their upbringing and childhood. It's what feels familiar, even if it's toxic. It's almost natural - the Law of Attraction (gone wrong).

To clear energies of dysfunction and toxic behavioral programming, inner child healing is necessary on a conscious and subconscious level. Trauma is stored in the body. Cellular memory. It's in your DNA. Our DNA is malleable to a degree. In the New Paradigm MDT 13-D certification program, the teacher did DNA activations, clearings, and upgrades with the Ascended Masters.

Generational healing, trauma, and curses are passed down from one generation to the next. The unhealed trauma from one generation is passed down in the genes to the next one. Unless someone heals that, the cycle persists and worsens over time. Chain breakers, black sheep, and star seeds are typically the only ones in the family system who can clear that karma and start a new cycle of health and good karma.

This will not be welcomed by the toxic, narcissists in the family.

That's how you can immediately spot them. They show themselves.


When you choose to heal yourself, you heal 7 generations back and 7 generations forward, according to the ancients, the shamans, the cosmic healers. The indigenous healers who are rooted in their ancestors are connected to the land and remember The Old Way of life.

When you choose to empower yourself and choose to look at the truth of what has occurred, what is present, and what needs to change, and you take inspired action, the Universe acts in correspondence with your pure intentions and guided proactive steps.

When you take the first steps, the path is laid before you.


Redefining Love:

Halsey did an informative interview about trauma responses and love. What common "knowledge" and fairy tales and media and yada yada yada paints out to be Love and Chemistry is most often a trauma response. Your palms are sweating, your heart is racing, your feet are frozen in fear. You are most likely experiencing C-PTSD on a level to varying degrees. Your body is literally in fight or flight. What does that tell you about what you perceive to be as "love"?

Love is healing. Love is calm. Love is relaxing. Love is nurturing.

Love as unconditional love feels natural - not forced.

Love is flow.

Love is joy.

Love is peace.


Getting The Support You Need:

In order to build back your sense of self and to heal your nervous system and adrenals to a level of balance and healthy functioning, you will need to find a calm, safe space.

I know that can be easier said than done, but it is essential that you cut off toxic connections and get away from the culprit and the covert abuser.

Narcissists will not just let you go. They will relentlessly stalk you and hunt you like prey.

They are a predator.


Do what resonates:

  • Post online. Show the world what is going on. Narcissists hate being exposed. It's like shining light on a Vampire. Narcissists are energy vampires. They are parasites and find a host to leech off of.

  • Find support groups - meditate, seek out online community, go to spiritual events or healing centers, read books, therapy.

  • Seek healing: Reiki, meditation, somatic healing, sound healing, yoga, breath-work, women's circles, men's groups, etc.

  • Take your pain and turn it into power - create art, write, sing, speak, make jewelry, go on a cleanse or detox and document your journey, start a side hustle.

  • Re-program your mind. Binaural beats, guided meditations, positive affirmations, hypnotherapy, journaling, EFT Tapping, crystal healing, light language etc.

  • Choose yourself and never look back. When you choose to change focus on the future and move forward every day, one step at a time.

  • Self-love and gentleness. Making radical, transformational change on a personal level can feel intimidating and scary and can trigger fear, worry, and doubt. Use your healing tools and resources daily to build your confidence and self-image day by day, one brick at a time.

  • Forgiveness & Release: Etheric Chord Cutting, Angel Work, Chakra Healing & Activation, Creating an Altar for Your Ancestors & Angels

  • Build your relationship with yourself, your Higher Self, and The Universe so that you feel supported, loved, and guided.


The most important thing that is needed to heal from Narcissistic abuse and narcissism is to choose yourself, speak your truth, and stand in your power.

They take your success, confidence, and personal power as a personal offense and will have a negative reaction because they think they own you.

You are not a slave.

Reclaim your life and right to live in freedom, angel!


You got this, love!

Believe in yourself enough to choose yourself.

You are worthy. You are valuable.

You are enough.


If you have questions or this resonates, feel free to email me:

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