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How To Overcome Narcissistic Abuse

From Clipped Wings, Beat-Down, and Earth-Bound to Wholeness & Soul Liberation

So what is narcissism? What is an empath?

What is a toxic relationship? What is mental pathology? What are generational curses and ancestral healing?

Why do some feel the compulsive and pathological need to control, dominate, and manipulate others to keep them trapped in an illusion of disempowerment, a web of lies, and a life that is not theirs? Is that a life worth living?


Narcissistic abuse is classified as NPD.

"Narcissistic abuse is a type of emotional abuse where the abuser only cares about themselves and may use words and actions to manipulate their partner's behavior and emotional state. Effects of narcissistic abuse can vary depending on how long one can endure these types of relationships." - Very Well Mind

According to Freudian psychoanalysis (from which modern western psychology springs forth from), narcissists are defined as individuals who are mortally wounded and who focus on their pain solely instead of healing it. From this lack of healing springs forth mental pathology and disordered behaviour.

Freudian Concept of Narcissism:

"Narcissism is just “I love my own image as the object loved by the Other.” Thus, for Freud, our narcissistic love for ourselves is never natural, or primary.” He sometimes describes narcissism as an automatic reaction rooted in a primitive libidinal position: when we feel physical pain, we quickly regress to baby ..." - European Journal of Psychoanalysis

The etymology of the word "narcissist" stems from the myth of Narcissus. The male who looked into a body of water and fell in love with his own image.

This image is blurry and confusing and partly in German but it shows the inversion and distortion of energy that is projected outward instead of facing the distorted projections.

I took a college course on Freudian Psychoanalysis. Modern Western psychology is also rooted in the historical background of WWII and the resulting existential chaos and collective consciousness and unconsciousness of disorientation and post-traumatic stress.


The Effects of Narcissistic Abuse:

• Anxiety



• Depression

• Lack of Identity

• Loss of Self

• Low Self-Esteem

• Cognitive Dissonance

• Cognitive Problems - Memory Loss, Hippocampus Damage

• Physical Disease - Stomach Issues, Insomnia, Nervous System Damage

• Low Self-Worth

• Inner Child Wounding who develop unhealthy coping mechanisms and mental disorders.

• People Pleasing/Fawning

• Trust Issues: Disordered Attachment Styles, Hyper-vigilance, Social Anxiety

• Self-Destruction: Addictions, over-doing it


Typically narcissists will isolate you from family, friends, and the external world so that you are easy prey. They can trap, abuse, and control the narrative when the abuse and manipulation occur in a silo. It's their word vs. yours, and they will steamroll you.

Read: They are always in the right. They never do anything wrong. They are perfect for the outside world. They intentionally place themselves in places of power where they can abuse that positioning for personal gain and their impure intents and purposes.

Essentially, they are users and abusers who lack self-love and are mortally wounded on a soul level so they create chaos and karmic cycles to keep their prey in their grasp and under their control of negativity, abuse, and manipulation to feed their control issues.

This is what it looks like. Does that resonate?


Empaths are specifically at risk. People with good hearts are their prime targets because they can use guilt, shame, and fear as leverage to pursue their goals of domination, control, and abuse. Do not let your good heart be weaponized against you.

Narcissist's Toolbox:

• Love Bombing

• Hoovering

• Projection

• Gaslighting

• Financial Abuse

• Verbal Abuse

• Emotional Abuse/Blackmailing

• Censorship

• Playing The Victim

• Silent Treatment

• Disregarding Boundaries

• Sabotage

• Blaming Others

• Mudslinging & Slander


The list goes on. For a deep dive, check this out.


So, one controversial figure in the narcissistic abuse niche is Dr. Nicole Lapera. I found her before she was super famous, and I resonated with her content. It helped me begin my education process. However, there has been negative press. As with anything mental and spiritual wellness related, take what resonates. Leave the rest.


The first step is self-education and understanding what it is and what pertains to you.

It is acceptance.


The second step is taking your power and life back.

Part 2 is coming.

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