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How To Change Your Mindset & Transform Your Self

From Stressed And Pressed To Lovin’ Life

In our hyper-fast world of technology, news, media, work, relationships, and so on, the time to consciously recalibrate on an individual/generational and national/nternational level has arrived. We are one humankind. We are one race of humans with varying pigmentation and radically different worldviews based on local cultures and ancient practices. 

As thought evolved, when technology arrived, when language was birthed and shared, culture began to take root in agrarian cultures. The times of agriculture and farming paved the way for the domestication of animals and the commodification of women as goods. Sumeria, Akkadian, and Babylonian empires share similar artistic styles and symbols - like the pine cone i.e. the pineal gland. The pineal gland is the third eye and is at the back of your brain towards the bottom. That’s the magical part of your brain that can perceive universal and cosmic awareness and downloads to process breakthrough thoughts, radical ideas, and new ways of seeing and perceiving the world to expand and elevate your cognitive abilities. 


Your mindset and your mind are your code and your computer. What you feed yourself fuels your brain and your body so that you can regenerate and revitalize to perform at peak levels of functioning and cognition. Your creative juices are created from your soul. Your higher self is your ultimate guide to yourself and to the world. 

When you journey to the depths of darkness, the shattering revelations and inconvenient truths may threaten the existence of your hope, faith, and trust in the universe. In the darkest times, we can learn what we’re made of, who we are, and what we stand for. 

God only breaks you down to build you back up. 

The Universe won’t throw more at you than you can handle. 

You are capable and worthy. 


Creating a better environment for yourself is the key to thriving. You are a plant. You need a fertile and healthy environment that supports your growth and protects you from the elements. Community is ecosystem building. 

In a more literal and physical sense, I invite you to take a moment and look at your space and workplace. Does it feel like a good energy? Is the vibe conducive to creating what you want to create? When you are in alignment, you feel calm, relaxed, and at ease. 

That is needed for flow to enter The Zone. 

Zero point energy and/or consciousness. 

Pure nothingness. Net neutrality.


Have you ever entered The Zone when you’re doing something that you’re good at, because you’ve done it so many times that it’s like half muscle memory? You’re just flowing. Whether it’s painting, a sport, getting lost in the waves at the beach, cleaning, and so on, you’re entering a flow state that has a meditative quality to it. You’re getting work done without working too hard or getting burnt out. You’re in your rhythm.


How do you find your rhythm in life? 

There are many ways to approach that question and to explore what resonates with you. You could start with music or change your day-to-day routine take a break pull an all-nighter or do something new. The possibilities are endless and up to you. 

Rhythm implies feeling time. Do you feel time? Do you enjoy how you feel time? How would you like to feel time? 


When you change your code or choose your thoughts, you upgrade your mindset to a higher vibrational frequency that attracts new people, places, things, and opportunities to enter your life that match that wavelength. If you are listening to the same song, you’re on the same station. That is essentially the mechanics of manifesting. You change your thoughts, you change your physical reality because you change yourself from the inside out like the toroidal field. Your aura will heal and you will glow up. 


Taking care of your energy body. Protecting yourself energetically can be done in a myriad of ways. A popular reiki practice is to envision white light draping and bubbling around you as a protective shield or barrier to whatever energy is being thrown your way. 

That’s a good daily practice. Prayers to angels and asking for their intercession in your life. 


Journaling Prompts:

1. What would you like to leave behind? 

2. What would you like to bring with you? 

3. What do you want to experience in the future? 


Love and light, my babydolls! 



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