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Lauren West

Branding & Website Designer 

Spiritual Life & Business Coach

Holistic Health Healer // Yoga Teacher

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Lakewood Ranch, FL

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Brainz Magazine

About Me

As a Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Healer, I empower my clients to prioritize their self-care and wellness journey. I believe that true health is achieved when we address the mind, body and soul. In addition to my healing services, I offer logo, branding, and website design. My experience at branding agencies, digital consultancies and publishers, has allowed me to work with a diverse range of clients, from millionaires and billionaires to family businesses. I take pride in collaborating with my clients to create a unique identity that speaks to their values and mission.

Work Experience

2018 - Present

Lauren West Coaching

Lakewood Ranch, FL

  • Branding & Website Designer

    • Created Brand Identities and websites for budding, established, and second-life heart-based entrepreneurs locally and remotely.​

    • Social Media Graphics Design

    • Marketing Funnel Design & Creation

    • Book Cover Design & Editing

    • Logo + Marketing Collateral Design

    • Packaging Design

    • Digital Ad Design

    • Presentation Design

  • Spiritual Business & Life Coach

    • I co-create with women to heal, expand, and re-design their mindsets, lifestyles, and careers to manifest a live that feels aligned, authentic, and abundant.​

    • We do 1:1 Coaching Calls, Healing Sessions, and Intuitive Reading sessions to hone in on their unique soul purpose, talents, and gifts to create a ripple effect of change in the world and their local communities.

    • I've helped past clients and coachees become influencers, get in the local press, become brand ambassadors and expand their audience.

  • Holistic Health Healer

    • I am a certified Reiki Master, New Paradigm MDT-13D healer, and 200-hr Yoga Teacher with a certificate in Holistic Health Coaching from IIN. ​

    • I believe that by going inward, we have the answers and that by healing all layers of self, we naturally attune back to our souls to self-actualize to be our best selves.

    • I've done distant and in-person reiki healing sessions, facilitated a 1:1 Goddess Retreat, private tarot forecast readings, and New Paradigm MDT-13-D healing sessions.

Feb 2017 - Nov 2017

Fusion Media Group

Chicago, NYC, Budapest

  • Product Designer

    • I worked in the Chicago office and communicated with my boss in New York City every morning in our meetings with the Senior Product Designer to check in and stay up to date.

    • I worked on internal branding assets and the brand book graphics for each individual vertical (12) as an in-house designer representing The Onion's design direction during a merger with Gawker Media. (GMG)

    • I traveled to New York City multiple times to meet my boss and design team and co-mingle with the new co-workers from GMG and Univision. We went to a fancy mixer!

    • I also traveled to Budapest, Hungary to meet and work with the Product Designer at that office and the back-end coders.

Dec 2016 - Nov 2017

Onion Inc.

River North - Chicago, IL

  • Junior Product Designer

    • I created wireframes of various page layouts, designed icons, and worked with the marketing team to create custom designed ad campaigns for on-site monetization.

    • I learned HTML & CSS and completed the certification program through General Assembly.

    • I learned how to navigate and jump into the workflow on Trello and Asana. I also learned how to use Sketch.

    • I would assist the Senior Product designers whenever they needed help or a second opinion on their work to create team rapport and a friendly dynamic.

May 2016 - Sep 2016

Onion Inc.

River North - Chicago, IL

  • Sales Presentation Designer

    • I would go to the RFP morning meeting every day and listen to the upcoming projects that a fellow designer and I would work on that would include:

      • Designing online digital ads in all sizes and formats​

      • Designing Pitch Decks, Internal Decks, and media decks for the company's comedy and music events.

      • We would also design fun and unique graphics for special brand sponsorships and campaigns. I designed an interactive advent calendar and a UX/UI workflow for a Cheetos ad/game-like experience. 

    • I was a part of the product team while being one of two designers. Our large project was designing a new template for the RFP decks that was over 100 slides. 

    • I also designed other special internal and sales decks for different media and marketing needs and goals so the sales team could edit them on the fly if need be.

Dec 2016 - Apr 2016

JB Chicago

River North - Chicago, IL

  • Graphic Designer

    • I worked at the branding agency as a graphic designer with two senior designers who showed me the ropes and mentored me.

      • I designed social media graphics for companies like JC Licht, food, insurance, assisted living companies etc.

      • I designed a website from wireframes to high-fidelity mock-ups and was included in the hand-off to the front-end developers who custom coded it.

      • I worked on branding and logo projects as well as concept decks for a new high-end restaurant.

      • I would attend the group meetings with the project goals and deadlines to work with the copy writer, social media coordinator, and project manager. 

      • I designed a magazine ad for JC Licht.

    • I designed tri-fold brochures, large format signage for tradeshows, updated packaging designs, and would fill in wherever needed in response to the senior designers needs.

Sep 2015 - Dec 2016


West Loop - Chicago, IL

  • Freelance Graphic Designer

    • I worked with a variety of the designers, art directors, and copywriters on various projects.

      • I designed mock-ups for a magazine ad that sold.

      • I designed high-end email newsletter and recurring campaigns for real estaste clients.

      • I worked on wireframes and would assist with digital design files, organization, and archiving all of my work.

    • I would show up whenever they needed me to fill in the gaps.

Jul 2015 - Nov 2015


Prudential Plaza - Chicago, IL

  • Contract Product Designer

    • I worked my way up from unpaid intern and knew one of the designers from UX/UI class at the Chicago Portfolio School

    • I worked on the internal Product & Innovation team with a team of UX/UI designers, project managers, and coders.
      • I shadowed a Principal Designer and worked on internal design wireframes for Coca Cola, McDonald's, and Weight Watchers.

      • I also shadowed and work with senior designers on an internal project management tool from wireframe to mock-ups. We'd print everything and stick it on the wall to go over the user-flows and UI interactions.

    • I loved working with this group of people. They were all so kind to me and talented, as I was lowest on the totem pole. They all made me feel included and valued. I designed the 1920's Gatsby-inspired sign for the big holiday company party.

    • I would attend all of the Product Team meetings and coffees and absorb as much as I could since I was very green.

Jun 2015 - Jul 2015


Prudential Plaza - Chicago, IL

  • UX/UI Intern

    • In my interview, I said that I wanted to learn and contribute as much as possible and explore if UX/UI would be a good fit career path wise to grow as a graphic designer.

    • I loved that there were intelligent and kind women to work with and learn from as we helped each other.
      • I was shadowing all of the designers and would show up to help out where I could and learn quickly so I could be useful and contribute in a more impactful way.

Feb 2015 - Mar 2015

Killswitch Collective

Pilsen - Chicago, IL

  • Graphic Design Intern

    • A fellow classmate and friend, and I were both lucky to get this coveted internship in our last quarter of school.

    • We would work on whatever projects they would let us tinker around with and design. This was a great experience to experiment and play in a real world design environment.
      • We worked on logos, editorial layouts, and web design.

May 2017 - Jan 2018


Chicago, IL (Remote)

  • Freelance Graphic Designer

    • I designed fitness event flyers for luxury sky-rise buildings and accompanying email graphics.

    • I designed the monthly newsletters with varied graphics.

    • I designed custom emails and digital graphics for various fitness events, trainer profiles, etc.


July 24, 2022

August 25, 2021


November 5, 2017

September 17, 17

June 7, 2017

April 2016

December 2, 2013




Reiki Master III

Sarasota, FL

  • The Final Level​​

    • You can teach and certify others.​

    • I received the final symbol.

    • I performed a miracle on the teacher. I was healing him in front of the group and he thought that I was in two places at once. I was at his feet, but he thought I was at his head. That was a first for him and a nice capstone for me.

200-HR Yoga Teacher (RYT)

Sarasota, FL

  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Alliance

New Paradigm MDT-13D Master

Sat Nam Yoga - Chicago, IL

  • New Paradigm MDT-13D Master Workshop

    • Certification

    • In this small class, I met new friends, colleagues, and a client. When it was my turn to channel, I channeled Kuan Yin and the words flowed out and the class got a little emotional. The feedback from my peers and the teacher was surprisingly, overwhelmingly encouraging. I shocked myself!

Reiki II

River North - Chicago, IL

  • Reiki 2 Healer

    • In this attunement Archangel Chamuel came to me, and I shared with the class.

      • He is the angel of peaceful relations and unconditional love.

      • After this level of attunement and certification, I was able and allowed to do healing work on others - in person and distant or remote healing.

Reiki I

River North - Chicago, IL

  • Reiki 1 Healer

    • It was funny. I found my teacher online randomly, and she just so happened to live a block over from me in River North. How convenient I thought at the time! #synchronicity

      • In the first attunement, Archangel Ezekiel came to me. I was surprised and told her that in my attunement I saw Ezekiel bread. I didn't put 2 and 2 together until she explained that Ezekiel is an Archangel of Death and Transformation. How apropos!

      • Astera, my teacher, showed me some other information about him and how he facilitates change and transformation pertaining to career and life path.

      • After this level of certification, I was qualified to do self healing.

General Assembly HTML/CSS

Remote - Chicago, IL

  • Certificate of Completion: General Assembly's HTML, CSS & Web Design Course

    • I learned the basics of HTML, CSS & Web Design in this online and remote course. I had a teacher that would have us do quizzes and our final project was code and design a website.

Chicago Portfolio School

River North - Chicago, IL

  • Graphic Design Track

    • I chose to do the graphic design track, because I wanted to learn how to create anything I wanted and was interested in the overlap of visual communication and art within a marketable medium to create a sustainable career.

    • I had an internship at Killswitch with a classmate.
    • I learned branding, logo design, advertising, web design, UX/UI, and hand-drawn typography to name a few classes.
      • I showed my Design Portfolio at The Chicago Portfolio School Portfolio Debut and was able to get multiple interviews as I freelanced and was eventually hired by The Onion after Portfolio Night.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Remote - NYC

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach

    • In this expansive certification program, we learned about various food philosophies, IIN's Core Principles, and how to coach clients while creating a marketing plan.

    • I loved learning about all of the nutrition, wellness, and aryuvedic information especially. 
    • During this time, I discovered what Reiki was and got back into yoga.
DePaul University

Lincoln Park & Loop Campuses - Chicago, IL

  • Bachelor's of Arts (B.A.) - Creative Writing

    • Dean's List every quarter

    • Scholarship
    • 3.7 GPA
    • Cum Laude
    • I graduated a year early.
Zurich International School

Kilchbery & Adliswil - Zurich, CH

  • High School Diploma

    • 3.7 GPA

    • I took 6 AP classes which counted toward college credits.​

    • ​I played volleyball (1yr), soccer (3yrs), basketball (4yrs), and softball (1yr) and travelled to compete throughout Europe.
Columbia University

New York City

  • Summer High School Program - Creative Writing

    • I learned poetry, prose poetry, and short fiction with a group of bright, funny, and ambitious creatives under the tuteleage of intelligent, interesting, and funny teachers.

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