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Free Sh*t!

First Rule of Business: You gotta give to get.

Modern Translation: You gotta spend money to make money.

In the energetics of abundance mindset, the first principle is that one must give what they want to receive. When you are generous, you open yourself to receive abundantly.

* Read: You get what you give... #karma *



Open To Love & Flow

Your heart is a portal. You manifest your soul's desires and dreams from the heart space - the bridge between your lower and higher chakras. Please enjoy, loves! xo

Heart Chakra MeditationLauren West
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Abundance Mindset Quest

I invite you to move from a scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset. Most people were programmed early on in childhood to believe there wasn't enough and they weren't enough. Let's zoom out and rebalance.

Prosperity Vision Quest


Confidence Glow-Up

Get your mojo back, so you can get into your groove and vibe higher. Your solar plexus is your central sun. This chakra is all about empowerment, confidence, and shining from the inside out. You deserve to glow, babes!

Solar Plexus Meditation


Inner Child Re-Parenting

Healing your inner child will radically and swiftly change your life on all levels. Not only will you understand yourself more deeply, you will also set yourself free from past traumas, wounds, and false programming.

*Editor's Note: If you're parents are toxic, do not reach out. Just call on your ancestors.

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