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Cosmic Retreats

Do you need to "get away from it all"? Are you feeling a little (or a lot "burnt out")? Could you use some "you time", babes? All cliches aside, we all need time to rest, retreat, and revitalize. Celebrate your soul and carve out some time.


Energy Healing

Are you feeling "all over the place"? Do you feel like you could boost your energy levels and improve your sleep quality? Rest and rejuvenation is the secret key to performance, creativity, and feelings of well-being.


Spiritual Coach

Are you a heart-based entrepreneur, creative, or another wonderfully unique professional who is seeking spiritual guidance on your unique path and life's journey? Do you want to build something from scratch or re-do?

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The Podcast

Welcome to The High Vibes Only Podcast. That's code for "please bring your positivity"! #overnout


Spiritual Guide & Holistic Health Coach

Hi, I'm Lauren West - a multi-dimensional spiritual advisor, healer, writer, podcaster, branding and web designer, certified yoga teacher, and holistic health coach. I've been through, seen, or heard it all - or almost. Unconditional love and non-judgment are the doors to compassion and soul healing to foster inner growth.

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I've experienced so much growth in my business, myself, and my relationships from the clarity I've gained working with Lauren. Coaching has given me accountability, support, and resources that I didn't know I needed. Before working with Lauren, I felt confused, lost, and felt like I was hiding. I now have the confidence and clarity that I wanted to expand my business, relationships, and personal growth. ​ The energy healing sessions are amazing! I always feel so much love and nurturing energy. As a healer, it feels so great to receive.

Erin N, Chicago

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