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Lauren West

About Me

I'm Lauren West, and I'm a healer of the stars. My journey began as a UX/UI, branding, and graphic designer and branched into healing, coaching, and psychic mediumship. I was adopted as a baby from South Korea by white, midwestern catholics and moved 10 times before my 30th birthday. I attended high school in Zurich, Switzerland and went to college and worked in Chicago, NYC, and Budapest before moving to sleepy Sarasota.



Star Sign: Capricorn Stellium

Meyers-Briggs: INFP

Enneagram: 5

Human Design: Splenic Projector


My Story

I've healed and overcome eating disorders, drug/substance abuse, narcissistic abuse, alcoholism, sexual trauma, abondonment, grief, depression, and anxiety.

On the outside, I've pretty much always lived a charmed life - private education, family vacation pictures, and holiday card photo-ops. On the inside, it was complete chaos and a very tangled, confusing mess. We don't talk about that though. What the point when you're speaking in circles to two racist, sexist, and ageist narcissists. #controlfreaks

I was living a high-rise in River North, had an enviable boyfriend, a variety of friends and contacts while working a cushy tech 9-5 that included perks, benefits, travel, remote options, and access to free events. I had all of the ego-things that I thought I wanted and needed to be happy, but I felt very, very far from myself. I was also fat and drinking way too much - work happy hours, work dinners, work trips, work mixers, friend outings, etc.

I found my way back to myself by going inward and following my intuition. I built my design, coaching, and healing business and quit my 9-5 after scaling the corporate ladder at a record pace. During my Saturn Return window, I invested in myself and coaching and traveled to sacred mystic, ancient sites: Peru, Bali, and Korea. I studied and became a yoga teacher and coached women and men to manifest their best lives while healing their internal worlds and opening their minds and hearts.

I also have healed from two ended engagements, being attacked by my "adoptive parents", stalked, harassed, lied and gossiped about, NDEs, deaths of friends and family, and my own death. After passing my Life Review with Azrael and Anubhis during my Saturn Return, I activated my mind, body, and spirit to ascend to 5-D consciousness to create a 3-D lifestyle and experience that reflects that uplevel and timeless wisdom.

Lauren's Life Stats

My Adventures

My Coaching Journey

I earned my Holistic Health Coaching certification when I was 22 from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I then applied what I had learned to my own life and started helping my friends and loved ones get back to balance and heal via gentle unofficial coaching and by example.

Before coaching other women, I invested in myself, my personal development, and worked with high-end and top-performing female coaches all over the world. I traveled, learned, and grew through painful lessons and the pleasures of well-deserved rewards. 

I did all of this during my Saturn Return as a double stellium Capricorn.

When I hit 28, I went through the underworld and died as Arcangel Azrael led me through the tunnels of death, rebirth, and transformation after passing 7 initiations of spiritual refinement to achieve an embodied 5-D consciousness as a walking Ascended Master on Earth. 

I put a pin in my coaching business and pretty much every aspect of my life in 2020. I disconnected from social media, from old self, blocked old friends, cut off family, and all toxicity so that I could heal, focus on myself first for once in peace, and completely transform my life from the inside out.

I predicted my future in 2020...

Coaching & Entrepreneurship Timeline


Spiritual Business Coaching VIP (Vancouver, BC)

Amber Lee Lyons

~ $5k

I found the Chakra Girl Business School VIP Group Coaching Program in a Spiritual Entrepreneur Facebook Group at the beginning of my 2nd activation of my Spiritual Awakening Journey. I completed the program and made friends and was hired to do design work for a handful of the girls in the group. I attended the in-person VIP Retreat in Vancouver, BC at the top hotel in the area.


90-Day Business Builder: Group Coaching Program 

~ $2k

In this group coaching program, I didn't get to know anyone in the group and didn't make friends. However, they did provide me with a thorough business plan based on an intensive questionnaire that I filled out. That was extremely helpful for organizing my ideas and structuring my website pages. This was the hard wisdom I needed.


Spiritual Business Coaching Mastermind VIP (Bali)

Sabrina Phillip

~ $20k

In this year-long mastermind, I experienced many ups and downs as did my coach. I didn't develop a relationship with her and didn't feel like my experience was satisfactory overall. She was very nice in person, and I lived with her for a month in Bali while helping her heal from her break-up. Over half of our mastermind was let go/quit. She didn't tell me that. Had I known, I would've also quit and gotten a refund. The trip to Bali was life-changing, and she said that I was like Rihanna and had the most feminine energy and was a white witch. I predicted that they would get back together. They're married.

My Methodology

3 is the magic number. My 3-Step Process provides a linear method for healing non-linear and multi-dimensional trauma, blocks, and stagnancy.


I'll help you get to the root cause of any issue and guide you through your options for expansion and enlightenment to solve what ails you.


I will help you transmute or alchemize your lower energies into higher energies of love, peace, and joy. By letting go, you create space for new aligned energies to enter.


As you experience the multi-dimensional healing of mind, body, and spirit, you will notice that your external reality will shift in correspondence. This is where you find your balance.


Personal Development Investment List

Other Courses, Coaches, Programs, Etc.


I bought courses, group coaching, books, programs, etc. from:

  • Gala Darling

  • Natalia Benson

  • Amanda Frances

  • Yes Supply Co.

  • Starseed Coach

  • Biz Bundle Co.

  • Remembering Lemuria

  • Lacey Phillips

  • Ashley Neese

  • Gabby Bernstein


Continuing Spiritual Education - 

  • Reiki I & II (Astera Manis)

  • Reiki III (Ginger Apothecary)

  • New Paradigm MDT-13-D Master (Sat Nam Yoga)

  • 200-HR YTT (Yoga Shack)

  • Herbal Academy (Online)

Unique Features

These are some conditions, causes, and topics that I'm passionate about supporting, sharing stories, highlighting to create connection and community. I welcome all heart-based entrepreneurs, creators, artists, makers, and dreamers to join me in my digital sanctuary of radical acceptance, non-judgment, and liberation.







Lauren West Grey Angel


Women's Rights

Children's Rights

Animals Rights


Shamanic Living


Anti-Human Trafficking


Yoga Teacher Alliance
General Assembly
Depaul Logo
New Paradigm MDT
Institute of Integrative Nutrition

My Mission

At Lauren West Coaching, our mission is to empower heart-based entrepreneurs to transform themselves, their lives, and their brands from the inside out. Guided by the ethos "Love is all you need," we provide coaching, branding, and healing services to help you align your purpose, passion, and business for meaningful and sustainable success.

My Ethos

Love is all you need.

I had a T-Shirt that said that from a yoga studio I used to go to. I wore it in my first branded photoshoot for my business. It says it all.

My Values

Authenticity. Innovation. Resilience.

At LWC, we value bringing out the best in each unique individual to inspire others and light up the world. Through the ups and downs, entrepreneurs need to strength, courage, and bravery. Timeless values create legacies that last beyond one lifetime.

My Methodology

I employ a holistic approach to all areas of my life and to all aspects business, development, and self-growth. I look at things from all angles to create collaborative solutions and innovate new ways of doing things. Everything happens in 3s.

If you’d like more information about our offerings, get in touch today.

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