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Mother Mary Channelling 10/17/19

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Star Mother draped in light blue.

Relax your stomach and heal your womb. Your body is meant to be alkaline, not acidic, my dear. Be sweet, not salty. Honey attracts more than vinegar. When you know that all is falling into right place and divine order, you can truly relax.

Take a deep breath now and feel your power and the gift of life. You have the blessing and opportunity to be like Christ, my son, my dear. Be an instrument of peace, an agent of love, and a guardian of innocence. Your gift and superpower is your capacity for pure compassion and healing your heart. It is so strong and perfect. Protect it when necessary and be discerning of who you share it with. Redirect and apply your energy only to those who are open, receptive, and willing to heal, transform and engage in an equal energy exchange, my love. You are not a wastebasket or a doormat.

Today, I gift you with the power and supply of Divine Feminine energy to fuel your journey. Share wisely and hold onto some, at least half, for yourself.

Take care of yourself, little one.

You are so loved, protected, and free. Have fun and celebrate life!

It is short and sweet, like you.

Forever loved,

MM <3 :)

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