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Welcome to your one-stop design hub where you can get all of the parts and pieces of your brand, business, or influencer identity and business model all in one place. From business strategy, to branding and web design, Lauren specializes in synthesizing a ton of information into distilled brand identity essences and digestible packages and offerings that suit your personal business, career, and creative goals, visions, and needs.


A unique and well-crafted logo helps you and your business stand out from the rest and attract your ideal clients.


Your website is your digital home. This is your space where you can direct your community, clients, and fans to interact, purchase, and explore your offerings. 


Do you need your website to sparkle and radiate your essence in a way that feels authentically you but also promotes and sells your services, products, and offerings? I got ya, boo!


Your brand is your first impression and silent ambassador of your business. The look and feel creates an environment.


E-commerce and merchandise design add a stream of passive income to your business, brand, or creative endeavors. Take a hands-off approach.

Social Media

Social Media platforms are the modern marketplaces for networking, exchange, building communities, and marketing. You want to promote and share your wares in a way that feels good and true.

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Social Media Facelift


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Editorial Design
Image by Krystal Ng

The Slay Coach - Jamie

Working with Lauren was one of the best decisions in my 4 years as an entrepreneur. I interviewed several designers but went with her, because she understood my funky vibe and both my masculine and feminine sides that I wanted my brand to convey.​ She took my ideas and words and crafted the perfect digital presence for my business, and her communication was on point! Easy, breezy to work with, and I have already referred all of my clients to her. She's simply the best I've worked with in 3 years! Thanks again for the amazing site!

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